What we are particular about in M’s Auto of M’s Auto is a specialty shop of Black Hilux Surf and FJ Cruiser and SUV/RV

M’s Auto is a specialty shop of Black Hilux Surf and FJ Cruiser and SUV/RV

ハイラックスサーフ・FJクルーザー専門店M's Auto Mobile Service


M’s Auto being particular about…

“Design + Functionality = Functional beauty”

Fusion of design and functionality

デザイン+機能性=機能美Fusion of design and functionality, realization of functional beauty is the basic concept of custom car creation at M’s Auto. At M’s Auto, we implement in our showroom and car, a polished latest trend design. The exquisite collaboration of our exclusive contact designer and our craftsman of custom studio is able to create high quality total balance which the basic concept is based on. Which means, our degree of perfection, not only gathering single parts but with total balance, not spoiling the functionality but creating ultimate level of completion.

Custom car manufacturing by craftsman

Craftsman carefully create without compromise

この道25年以上のベテラン職人達At M’s Auto, in our own factory, the craftsman of more than 25years experience creates each custom car in details with perfection. From detachment of parts to adjustment to paint work, all done without compromise and this is true skill of an artisan. As an example, when painting, we are able to start from surface preparation to baking finish with craftsman’s technology borne fruit and with our totally sealed paint booth. Our customer makes comments “M’s Auto’s Black Hilux-Surf’s black color is completely different from other Hilux-Surf’s black, the black color has a presence”. Yes, our Hilux-Surf’s colors are completely different from others… no we are not fully painting the car. Many customers ask us, but we are not changing the color by fully painting the car. The reason is because “We believe no one will be able to maintain the same quality as Toyota’s world highest level original paint job”.
Therefore, we chose to stock only the high quality limited color Black Color II Hilux-Surf with original paint, and take off the parts to paint them one by one and customize each custom car carefully, so that each one of our customer will be able to purchase our custom car with confidence.

Perfect control from stock buying to completion

We make sure we check each check sheet and work order

独自のチェックシートFrom stock buying to completion of custom car and display sales, we have our original check sheet and work order to control our quality. Of course, if we receive order from customer, we use the same sheet and make order to control with final check. At peak, we may have many check sheets for a single car, however without compromise, we make sure that we do not cut corners in our work and we check everything.
If our customer request to see these check sheets, we will have them see, and we will keep these records in our company. This is how we make high quality custom car and send them out to our customer.


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