Specialty shop of Hilux Surf and FJ Cruiser Home of M’s Auto is a specialty shop of Black Hilux Surf and FJ Cruiser and SUV/RV

M’s Auto is a specialty shop of Black Hilux Surf and FJ Cruiser and SUV/RV

ハイラックスサーフ・FJクルーザー専門店M's Auto Mobile Service


M’s Auto is a specialty shop of Black Hilux Surf and FJ Cruiser and SUV/RV

We are specialty shop of black colored Hilux Surf

We are the oldest and historical shop in Japan

ブラックカラーのハイラックスサーフ専門店M’s Auto is a specialty shop of Hilux Surf and FJ Cruiser. Especially for black colored Hilux Surf specialty shop, we are the oldest in Japan with longest history, and have many trusts from our customer. In all the prefectures in domestic Japan, we have wide connections with Toyota dealers who sell Hilux Surf, and thus we have confidence in following up our customers. We sell limited black Hilux Surf. Our staffs members who are with full of spirit are waiting for you to visit our store. We are strong confident in the quality. If you are looking for a particular and only one car, we M’s Auto will consult you. Please visit us, M’s Auto, who has established reputations for Hilux Surf custom.
M’s Auto main store(JP)

Custom SUV brand “M’s Collection”

Unveiled on 11th Jan. at TOKYO AUTO SALON 2013.
These are brand new model of "M's Collection".

2013SS Collection Metal Collection
FJ CRUISER Снегурочка

2013SS Collection Military Edition

2013SS Collection Military Edition

2013SS Collection Sports Line

M’s Collection: M’s collection is custom SUV brand released by M’s Auto. M’s Auto was established as a Hilux Surf specialty maker at beginning, but today, we sell M’s Collection, complete cars to various custom parts of re-imported lineup of US Toyota SUV, FJ Cruiser and 4 Runner, and also Tundra and Tacoma which are pickup trucks sold by North American Toyota.

Here, you can listen to one of the example, M’s Collection’s stainless exhaust system, and the powerful sound.

FJ Cruiser side exit exhaust system sound.

Hilux Surf oval exhaust system sound.

You will also be able to listen to various M’s Collection special exhaust sound atYouTube.

US Toyota re-import cars

Custom complete car exhibition at Store # 4

Parallel imported new cars

4号店は新車並行輸入車専門店At M’s Auto store #4, we sell not Hilux Surf but US Toyota re-imported cars such as FJ Cruiser and 4 Runner, Tacoma and Tundra, Sequoia and such parallel imported new cars. We exhibit M’s Collection Brand custom cars such as FJ Cruiser “FJ CRUISER Apache Trail” and “4 RUNNER LP640Concept”. Please check by yourself, the M’s Collection’s stylish designers custom FJ Cruiser and SUV’s.
We are also ready to consult custom parts for these models and your Hilux Surf and FJ Cruiser’s inspection, repair and insurance. We have our own repair shop, loaders and 10 free loaners. We will be waiting for your visit. If you like Hilux Surf and FJ Cruiser and such SUV’s we are the one you should visit.
M’s Auto store #4

Particular and only one FJ Cruiser

M’s Auto’s FJ Cruiser

Three lineups

FJクルーザー。3つのラインナップThe M’s Auto’s FJ Cruisers are FJ Cruiser TRAIL TEAMS SPECIAL EDITION (Sports Line), FJ Cruiser L.A. METAL ULTRA BLACK STREET (Metal Collection), FJ Cruiser APACHE TRAIL FULL COMPLETE (Military Edition), total three lineups. The US Toyota limited version FJ Cruiser TRAIL TEAM SPRCIAL EDITION is sporty and equipped with exclusive 16 inch aluminum wheels, BF Goodrich All-Terrain Tires and Bilstein shock absorbers of course, but also the roof is same color as the body, front bumper and fender and other parts are also painted mat black as Spartan impression. The interior colors are also coordinated by the body color; panel and exclusive seats are differentiated by usual FJ Cruiser. In addition, side rock rail and special emblem for TRAIL TEAMS are specific special features. Since we change the body color every year, these are extremely rare special FJ Cruisers.
The one which has premium presence with the black crome metal parts is FJ Cruiser L.A. METAL ULTRA BLACK STREET (Metal Collection). Front and rear bumper, fender, roof and grill are all painted black with same paint, exclusive chrome grill and door trim, stainless dual oval exhaust system are added with sound which others cannot even compete. 20 inches ultra goliath wheels and BF Goodrich AT tires, metal slit front and rear over fenders creates overwhelming presence and premium presence luxury custom FJ Cruiser.
The one which has tough and provocative look is APACHE TRAIL FULL COMPLETE (Military Edition). M’s Auto’s custom concept military edition FJ Cruiser’s name is “APACHE TRAIL”. FJ Cruiser APACH TRAIL has militant aggressive look and front rear fender, roof and grill, mirror and door outer turn handle etc are all blacked. To be fully armed and show the impact, 3 inch lift ups and special mat black wheel and BF Goodrich mud terrain tires, large front grill guard and tail guard and roof racks are added. Special exhaust system which exits on both right and left side has and powerful exhaust sound, and you will understand that this is not a normal FJ Cruiser. It will overwhelm others without question.
FJ Cruiser

M’s Auto are particular about black color

Particular on depth of black

FJ Cruiser

ブラックFJクルーザーM’s Auto’s black is not an ordinary black. We have been specializing in Hilux Surf in M’s Auto. By utilizing our experience, we are now particular about not only Hilux Surf but FJ Cruiser also manufacturing a custom version. Our popular Hilux Surf custom complete brand which are supported by many people, M’s Collection’s concept, quality are taken over and we are producing sophisticated FJ Cruiser custom complete car.
We do not change color to black from other colors. We use black FJ Cruiser as the base, and take off as much as possible parts, and paint them one by one with our best effort. When painting the roof of FJ Cruiser, we take off all glasses, same as Hilux Surf. FJ Cruiser custom by military taste, luxury taste are different in M’s Auto by the way they are presented is because we chose different custom parts based on concept, and since we make ultimate details with full completion, and this is because of quality which comes from necessity.
A view of our workshop

Different concept 2 powerful lineups

Hilux Surf and FJ Cruiser

To be with your lifestyle

ハイラックスサーフとFJクルーザーThere are difference in Hilux Surf and FJ Cruiser. For off road running performance, FJ Cruiser are better due to short wheelbase and IC devices for off road running. As a character, FJ Cruiser is much sporty than Hilux Surf. Genuine tool like sense of fun and functionality are in FJ Cruiser. We can say that this appearance is “FJ Cruiser’s sense of fun”.
On the other hand, Hilux Surf is much comfort and covers environmental performance, much more handy and like multi tool. The rear door is independent and sophisticated in design, has rear seat livability. Hilux Surf can raise the rear gate so the usability of trunk is very good. Although it is easy for daily use, has a strong ladder frame similar to FJ Cruiser which is tough in character. They are able to run through a bad conditioned road with its strong chassis.
Hilux Surf and FJ Cruiser, they both has great durability which can run more than 200,000 Km, and this is due to reliability of the No.1 automotive manufacturer Toyota. Hilux Surf and FJ Cruiser, they both have their pros and character, therefore you may examine and compare both based on your lifestyle.
Introduction of car(JP)

>What we are particular about in M’s Auto

We will show you our passion and concept for manufacturing custom Hilux Surf, and the process of completing the Hilux Surf custom car.

What we are particular about in M’s AutoLinkIcon

>Temptation of custom car

We will show you the example of custom, concept of each custom of Hilux Surf and FJ Cruiser.

Temptation of custom carLinkIcon

>At purchase

If you want to purchase Hilux Surf or FJ Cruiser or 4 Runner, we will consult you how to purchase at M’s Auto and various questions.

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